Does Israel have FIFA in it’s pockets?

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The blame for racism writ large in the international press following racial abuse of players requiring teams to leave the field during the England match in Bulgaria and two days later during Haringey -V- Yeovil match in north London, with other incidents reported at Bristol City fans v Luton,  Hearts fans v Rangers, in Edinburgh, and in Italy where Sampdoria players were racially abused by travelling Rome fans must be laid at the door of white male controlled FA, UEFA and FIFA, and we must face up to the terrifying truth and hypocrisy that underlies this racist abuse of footballers.  

Many anti-racist football fans believe that whilst the worst manifestation of racism is not only tolerated by the white men with power that control ALL the football associations in Europe & Israel (Israel Expelled from the Asian Football Confederation since 1974 for racism) it is rewarded by FIFA & UEFA with prestigious tournament finals and access to the Champions League  world’s most prestigious and financially lucrative competition support from the Football Associations in England, Scotland, Italy, Bulgaria. 

Arguably the worst act of hypocrisy by UEFA was the imposition of a fine on Celtic FC because Celtic anti-racist, anti-Apartheid fans peacefully protested the presence of the team representing the extreme racism of Zionist Apartheid on its hallowed turf, where lies the ashes of Celtic’s world famous renowned anti-racist fans.   Fans called for a collection from fans to pay the fine, which not only paid the fine but were able to donate over £250,000 the suffering people of Gaza.  

The Scottish FA who know the Celtic fans to be considered to be probably the world’s leading anti-racist club, failed to intervene and explain to UEFA that the Celtic fans were actively carrying out Scottish FA, UEFA & FIFA policy by peacefully campaigning against racism in its worst manifestation – Apartheid racism. By imposing a fine on Celtic UEFA were taking sides with the team representing the extreme racism of Zionist Apartheid against peaceful anti-racists.    This action was seen across all of Europe & Israel as a major defeat for anti-racists and a victory for racists, and the extreme right of British, European & Israeli.    

The anti apartheid movement continued to grow on a world-wide scale.   Jewish people world-wide were concerned that the Apartheid State claimed to represent all Jews across the world and that the ethnic cleansing of over 750,000 people in 1948 was voluntary, that the massacres of Palestinians were nothing more than propaganda, and intensified its reign of terror on Palestinian people and set up a siege of Gaza city, preventing food and medicine from reaching the people.  

It is now time for the “great white men” in suits at the FA, UEFA & FIFA to stop defending the extreme racism of Zionist Apartheid & peacefully expel Apartheid Israel from FIFA & The Olympics as South Africa was expelled in 1976 & heralded the end of Apartheid in SA.  It was white male supremacists at the FA, and FIFA that kept Apartheid SA in FIFA by clever use of the “suspend card” to prevent expulsion for almost 20 years, by racist Sir Stanley Rous the most powerful man in football. 

Anti racist and Anti Apartheid football fans had to work hard to end the reign of FIFA President Sir Stanley Rous and appointed its only ever non European president Dr João Havelange who along with Pele opened the door to many African nations, ensuring a fair representation for African Nations at FIFA Congress of all its members Apartheid South Africa was expelled by 78 votes to 9.  

The campaign to expel apartheid Israel from FIFA was gaining momentum and reached the floor of FIFA Congress in Mauritius in May 2013, when FIFA President Sepp Blatter agreed to intervene on the major issues, in particular the Israeli blockade on travel between Gaza & the West Bank.   In 2014 Blatter met with the Israeli FA Chair and Israeli Premier Netanyahu as Palestine FA threatened to seek the expulsion of Israel from FIFA

 The movement to EXPEL was infiltrated by Arab friends of USA to convince the president of Palestinian FA to reduce its call, so Israel & her supporters to suspension,  and even then he caved he caved in and withdrew even the reduced call at the 2015 FIFA Congress to suspension. 

But Israeli Apartheid & its imperialist supporters USA, FR, GB, Ger, Swiss Etc who arm and finance Apartheid Israel were not going to allow such a vote to initiate the beginning of the end of Apartheid in the “Apartheid State” that UK planned & created in the first great war for Oil.  

The long term plan used USA tax dodger Chuck Blazer was blackmailed into spying on FIFA officials leading the popular demand for FIFA to expel Apartheid Israel.  The white Swiss authorities facilitated the white supremacist attack and America’s FBI arrested the FIFA officials most likely to seek the expulsion of Israel only a few hours later, at the FIFA Congress in Zurich.   A massive world-wide press campaign was launched against FIFA’s anti-racist leaders including UEFA president Michel Platini who threatened the Apartheid State with expulsion and FIFA president Sepp Blatter who took up  the case of a Palestinian footballer Mahmoud Sarsak after 97 days on hunger strike, and close to death.   Another attempt was planned to expel Apartheid Israel. Pressure was put on the remaining FIFA delegates to either turn against Blatter by remaining silent, or face allegations themselves.  

The big effort to expel Israel from FIFA was planned for the FIFA Congress in Geneva 

As soon as plans could be put in place an extraordinary Congress of FIFA was convened for 26 Feb 2016 to elect a new President.  Gianni Infantino was elected, which pleased Israel.   Massive changes were made to the FIFA regulations removing the power of expulsion and suspension from the 211 member congress, and giving the white European supremacist controlled executive Council the powers to veto the only expulsion proposal that FIFA congress has been asked to consider since the expulsion of Apartheid SA.

The new white pro-Israeli European Council with a new President Gianni Infantino, plus one additional Vice President gave themselves the anti-democratic powers of VETO to prevent the full Congress of 211 international football associations democratically discussing the expulsion of a member.   The new Council also removed the email addresses of the leading officers of all 211 national associations, ending the democratic right to petition members of our Football Associations. The extreme racism of Zionist Apartheid celebrates the power of USA Imperialism whose lawmakers are seriously influenced by AIPAC. ensuring that no democratic vote on the expulsion of Israel will take place at FIFA Congress.  But anti-racist, anti-Apartheid football fans continue to call for equal treatment for apartheid– expulsion from FIFA.