Launch of Campaign to Stop Wales playing with Apartheid

10 years ago faa 0

On 28 December 2014 FAA launched its “Stop Wales from Playing with apartheid”  campaign,  calling on all Wales football fans, players and officials to commence the consultation procedure to determine whether the people of Wales want to turn a blind eye to the massacre of 538 Children whilst they slept in their beds, or whilst they played football on the beach or on their flat roof top over 7 horrifying weeks last summer.    As Arch Bishop TUTU said “in a situation where you have an oppressor and an oppressed anyone sitting on the fence is in fact taking the side of the oppressor”

Radio, TV and all media in Wales have a duty to all of humanity to discuss this issue in a mature manner and at some point ask themselves this question.    ‘if you had foreknowledge last May 2014 before the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Congress that 538 children would be killed in their beds during the months of July and August by the apartheid Israel regime,  would you have voted to peacefully EXPEL apartheid Israel as called by the Palestinian Football Association?         The Asian Football Confederation EXPELLED apartheid Israel from Asian football in 1974 for apartheid racism.      FIFA EXPELLED apartheid South Africa in 1976, for apartheid racism but South African apartheid never embarked on the deliberate killing of 538 Children for belonging to the wrong race.      The Expulsion of Apartheid Israel would be a completely peaceful process with zero deaths or injuries on either side.      Let Wales football be for peace – Expel Apartheid from FIFA