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Project Summary Working Title of Project Football League for the Jordan Valley (FLJV) Project Sponsors Football Against Apartheid Proposal Type  Idea To Be Explored To Create a Football League in the Jordan Valley starting with the local children and continue create adult leagues as the children grow into adulthood  Potentially Identified Solution; Campaign internationally amongst football fans who oppose apartheid to sponsor one local community team in a league of possibly 50 + teams across the Jordan Valley Project Type  This is a wholly new scheme, based on the findings and preliminary survey carried out by Antonio Maniscalco during his tour of the region in the autumn and winter of 2014 / 2015. Antonio noted that the Bedouin children of the Jordan Valley had no access to sport of any kind, and recreation was mainly playing on the parched dry earth where nothing grows because the settlers have taken nearly-*+ all the water that the artesian wells provide. The occupation by apartheid Israel dispersed and scattered people, so that there is no sense of neighborhood. There is little communication between the people of one village and another. The occupation has damaged people psychologically, creating a mistrustful environment especially in the smaller communities of 500 people, distributed between 30 and 40 homes. In some villages the homes have been demolished and the families have been forced to erect tents to protect themselves from the elements. The floor is mainly a Persian type carpet on a plastic tarpaulin. These one room homes become unbearably hot in summer and freezing cold during winter weather. They function as bedroom, kitchen, bathroom for a whole family of 10 / 12 persons with ages ranging from new born and toddlers, teenage boys and girls, parents and grandparents. With no indoor cooking facilities, all cooking must be done outdoors, winter and summer, wet and dry. Activities such as reading, cooking, washing or home work are carried out by candle light, cooking by portable gas cooker. Sanitation is my means of a hole in the ground. There is barely enough water to cook food, and water for washing must be shared and saved. These 30 / 40 homes will contain on average 5 children aged 0 – 14 per family, making a total of 150 – 200 children. The first test I conducted was to see how many children of the key age group (9 to 11 years old) are really interested in playing football. I purchased a football and threw it to the children, and observed the reaction, and was pleasantly surprised to see that whilst there was some interest amongst all age groups amongst boys and girls, there was nearly 100% interest amongst the group of 9 to 11 year old boys and girls that I identified as key to the project. There is enough players mainly 9 and 10 years old for two teams of 11-a-side. This was ideal for training purposes, and a sustainable number of players to ensure that allowing for drop out as the children grow, go away to work, study etc that enough players will remain to ensure that there will be enough players for all the age groups up to senior level.  Enhancement to Existing or Former Project Primary Contact Name Antonio Maniscalco Phone 07506 695 633 or 07572 004 380 Email Backup Contact Name Football Against Apartheid Phone 07572 004 380 Email Project Proposal The project requires a two tier or twin management arrangement. • The project management team locally in The Jordan Valley • The remote funding body abroad The two are interdependent and need to have a close working relationship, and communicate regularly, and be mutually accountable to each other. The Management team on the ground in the Jordan Valley should aim to • Identify playing areas and costs • Coaches or persons to train as coaches • Kit providers • Transport providers • IT persons to Establish Website / Access or similar Database The Remote Funding Body should aim to • Ensure that the project in the Jordan Valley is properly managed • Than all funds are properly accounted for • That the project is widely publicized • That the project will not falter due to lack of funding. Executive Summary Please provide a summary of the information detailed throughout this project proposal. Statement of Need We will discuss the needs or opportunities to be addressed by this project. In our discussion, we will describe and position these needs or opportunities within the context of our organizational environment. Internal factors, as well as external ones, will be considered. Project Goals We will identify the goals of the project. Discuss what is to be achieved and the expected/desired outcomes of this project. Constraints There are many constraints that will inhibit the program • To kick start a football league in any environment is a challenge, but in the Jordan Valley the challenges are multiplied, • There is no comparable precedent in the Jordan valley of any organize • The children, youths and young persons are traumatized by the occupation and the abuse of the Bedouin people at the hands of the Israeli army of occupation. • There is no single activity that covers the whole Jordan Valley • There are no football / sports facilities other than school facilities provided by the UN or other charitable organizations. • There are no funds available to provide resources • There are no qualified coaches referees with the requisite skill sets • There is no fund to call upon to finance the project Requirements The project requires the establishment of a democratic committee in the Jordan Valley, who are prepared to manage the project. The committee may reflect the FIFA model, or the Asian Football Confederation model or other model that local people believe will manage the project in the best interests of the residents of the Jordan Valley. Given our operational context, we will describe what needs to be in place during the project and afterwards in order for the project to be successful. In our discussion, we will consider the constraints we identified above and, if necessary, define requirements to compensate for constraints. Time vs. Relevancy In order for this project to be relevant within our operation, satisfy the needs and opportunities defined, and achieve our stated project goals, we need to identify the desired timeline for the project? What do we think is the longevity or useful life of the solution? Impact: Costs & Risks We need to discuss the expected impact of the whole project and its expected outcomes. Provide detail on expected and potential costs and risks. Also, consider both one-time as well as on-going costs and risks (i.e., maintenance and support). Wherever possible, quantify the impact of the solution. In our discussion we will speak to the following areas of impact: (1) positioning to take advantage of other opportunities; (2) effect on processes and workflow; (3) staffing (number of staff required, training, redefinition of roles); (4) effect on Jordan Valley base/end users; (5) budget (i.e., incremental costs needed; potential savings); (6) competitive advantage or standing. Impact: Benefits & Opportunities We will discuss the expected impact of the project and its expected outcomes. Provide detail on expected and potential benefits and opportunities. Wherever possible, quantify the impact of the solution. In our discussion talk about the following areas of impact: (1) positioning to take advantage of other opportunities; (2) effect on processes and workflow; (3) staffing (number of staff required, training, redefinition of roles); (4) effect on The Bedouin People / children ; (5) budget (i.e., incremental costs needed; potential savings); (6) competitive advantage or standing. Alternative Impact Using the discussion points above in the Impact section, we will describe the alternative impact on your unit and its constituents if this project is not pursued? Project Fit We will discuss how this project fits within the strategies defined by Football Against Apartheid. How does this project align with our objectives and mission? Do you see potential opportunities for this project to benefit other functional areas within the organization Evaluation and Measurement Propose criteria that might be used in defining and evaluating the success of this project and its end outcomes. What measurement standards are available to determine if the project is a success and the impact of its end outcomes? What benchmarks can be set up to determine the short-term and long-term efficacy of the project? Consider in our discussion the goals, requirements, and impact defined above. Potential Solution At a high level, describe a potential solution that would satisfy the goals and requirements defined above. Alternative Solutions Do we know of any alternative solutions that satisfy the goals and requirements of this project (either fully or partially)? If so, have they been explored? Discuss why this proposal has been submitted in lieu of alternative solutions. Contingency Plan If the proposed project is critical to our operations, please discuss / propose ideas what contingency plans could be put into place in the event that the project or its end outcomes are not successful. Additional Information Provide below any additional considerations or information in su