On Resistance: BDS and Israel’s Declining Support Among Diaspora Jews

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February 12, 2018 On Resistance: BDS and Israel’s Declining Support Among Diaspora Jews by Stanley L  Cohen Photo by Kate Ausburn | CC BY 2.0 Like its predecessor movement decades ago in South Africa, assessing the success of BDS against Israel today necessarily rubs up against the tension between Israeli hasbara (propaganda) and its reality Read More

#IraeliApartheidWeek actions by Football Against Apartheid

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Football Against Apartheid (FAA)  has kicked off its campaign with actions at three major events over the weekend of 25 & 26 Feb.    The campaigners against the  extreme form of racism known as “Apartheid”  kicked off the week at”The Bridge” as the Chelsea home stadium is known.  Some of the action is captured here on Read More

I’m Jewish, and I want people to boycott Israel

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  The country must be held accountable for its human rights abuses. By Rebecca Vilkomerson June 24 at 9:34 AM Rebecca Vilkomerson is the executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace.   In 2009, I was living in Tel Aviv during Operation Cast Lead. During that offensive, Israel killed about 1,400 Palestinians in Gaza. When small Read More

More Jewish people rebel against “racist” Zionism

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John Mann, Progress & the Zionists did their best to Destroy Labour’s Election Performance  Those who welcomed the victory of Jeremy Corbyn in   The Israeli Labour Party welcomed ex-Nazi and Apartheid Premier John Vorster to Israel on a state visit.  Under ILP governments South Africa was Israel’s closest ally and collaborator     Interned Read More

Israeli Government must stop intimidating BDS activists – Amnesty International

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AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL  PUBLIC STATEMENT Index: MDE 15/3824/2016 12 April 2016 Israeli Government must cease intimidation of human rights defenders, protect them from attacks The Israeli authorities must end their long-standing attacks on Palestinian human rights defenders (HRDs) and halt the climate of intimidation of HRDs in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), Amnesty International Read More

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians from Jerusalem

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by Munir Nuseibah   Al shabaka    April 12, 2016 Israel is adept at creating new Palestinian refugees and internally displaced persons, taking advantage of every opportunity to do so and exploiting temporary crises to promote permanent measures. Today, it is using the recent violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) to introduce a dangerous new twist Read More

Why BDS is necessary to liberate the Palestinian people by Omar Barghouti

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Omar Bhargouti is one of the founders of the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions campaign with the aim of ending Israeli occupation of Palestine and the oppression of the Palestinian people.   Fully explained here: Bank Details for Donations: Account Name:  C. Foster Account Number: 03131769 Sort Code: 20-92-63   Read More