Kobi Snitz on Boycott from Within: Israeli Support for BDS

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“Support From Within: Israeli Participation in the Palestinian Struggle  – from demonstrations to BDS, from Matzpen to Anarchists Against the Wall  (AATW) – and the legacy of the Bund”     a talk by Kobi Snitz of Boycott from Within and AATW on Sunday, April 13, 7 pm at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, 949 49th Read More

Football Associations with a vital vote at the FIFA that you can influence by signing the petitions below (Please sign all) calling for the peaceful expulsion of Apartheid Israel from world football

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Iceland: https://chn.ge/1dKyjVT Northern Ireland https://chn.ge/Pad84v Scotland: https://chn.ge/1jg4cWa Wales: https://chn.ge/1gzdJY8 England: https://chn.ge/1hyusqK Republic of Ireland: https://chn.ge/PaZb6y New Zealand: https://chn.ge/1hvyio6 Canada: https://chn.ge/1dKdk5Y Solomon Islands: https://chn.ge/1glvvt2 Samoa: https://chn.ge/Oc96aN Cook Islands; https://chn.ge/OcbJJw Tonga: https://chn.ge/OcewT0 Vanuatu: https://chn.ge/1j3kyRj Papua New Guinea Football Association; https://chn.ge/1j3nBZK Football Federation American Samoa (FFAS): https://chn.ge/QHYPFs Fiji Football Association: https://chn.ge/1h7gJMB Cape Verde Islands; https://chn.ge/1qcu9s8 Burundi: https://chn.ge/OlfPza Australia Read More