Kobi Snitz on Boycott from Within: Israeli Support for BDS

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“Support From Within: Israeli Participation in the Palestinian Struggle  – from demonstrations to BDS, from Matzpen to Anarchists Against the Wall  (AATW) – and the legacy of the Bund”     a talk by Kobi Snitz of Boycott from Within and AATW on Sunday, April 13, 7 pm at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, 949 49th Read More

Football Associations with a vital vote at the FIFA that you can influence by signing the petitions below (Please sign all) calling for the peaceful expulsion of Apartheid Israel from world football

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Iceland: https://chn.ge/1dKyjVT Northern Ireland https://chn.ge/Pad84v Scotland: https://chn.ge/1jg4cWa Wales: https://chn.ge/1gzdJY8 England: https://chn.ge/1hyusqK Republic of Ireland: https://chn.ge/PaZb6y New Zealand: https://chn.ge/1hvyio6 Canada: https://chn.ge/1dKdk5Y Solomon Islands: https://chn.ge/1glvvt2 Samoa: https://chn.ge/Oc96aN Cook Islands; https://chn.ge/OcbJJw Tonga: https://chn.ge/OcewT0 Vanuatu: https://chn.ge/1j3kyRj Papua New Guinea Football Association; https://chn.ge/1j3nBZK Football Federation American Samoa (FFAS): https://chn.ge/QHYPFs Fiji Football Association: https://chn.ge/1h7gJMB Cape Verde Islands; https://chn.ge/1qcu9s8 Burundi: https://chn.ge/OlfPza Australia Read More

Chelsea & Arsenal fans unite against Apartheid

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The game with Arsenal at the Chelsea Stadium in London was attended by supporters of Palestine demonstrating against the inclusion of the racist apartheid State of Israel in the various FIFA and UEFA Tournaments. Read More