Why Israel must be expelled from UEFA & FIFA

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The spectre of Montreal 16 July 1976 hangs agonisingly over the Zionist Apartheid regime who are fully aware of the power Football exercised in in Montreal that brought Apartheid SA to its knees, and the return of ghosts of 1974 when Israel was expelled and remains expelled from the Asian Football Confederation for racism.

The eviction of Palestinian families in Sheikh Jarrar in occupied East Jerusalem to house Zionist settlers brought Palestinians together to help the families resist abuse and violent eviction, which soon attracted the attention of Palestinians in 1948 Palestine, Gaza and giving rise to what may amount to the Third Intifada of general rising up of the people against oppression including the armed Al-Qassam Brigades based in Gaza which to date has taken two lives. Israel responded with the usual disproportionate force killing (as we post) 58 children & 34 women with several buried beneath the rubble.

This disproportionate response by Israel demolishing blocks of flats on 16 floors angered right thinking people into massive demonstrations world-wide, and in England professional football players showed their solidarity with the Palestinian people who have now endured over 100 years of occupation, 28 of them under a British rule, including the Zionist Sir Herbert Samuel the only person to govern all of Palestine. Although the footballers’ comments were not inflammatory, they were seized upon for political capital.

The JC complained to Italian coffee provider Lavazza Group who sponsor Arsenal Football Club about professional footballer Mohamed El-Neny who posted a message on Twitter which contained the following 11 words, only. “My heart and my soul and my support for you Palestine”.

Lavazza Group complained to Arsenal Football Club

“We’ll immediately reach out to Arsenal to remark we are concerned about the club associated with such a message. Content of this post is totally not aligned with our company values. Lavazza Group is fully committed against racism and antisemitism.”

Arsenal as expected defended El-Neny “As with any employees of Arsenal, our players are entitled to express their views on their own platforms.  That said, we are speaking to Mo about this so he understands the wider implications of his post”. “As a club we are committed to confronting and eliminating all forms of discrimination and continue to champion the need for equality and diversity across all areas of life.”

In this case Egyptian player Mohamed El-Neny’s comments represented his concerns for family & friends in Gaza, and Arsenal reacted with reason. However Lavazza Group seem to believe that nothing was as important as their profits, and Arsenal fans have shown only a few weeks ago when the club signed up for a Euro Super League without consulting fans that profits don’t rule at their club. A campaign is underway to now

Arsenal fans now call on their club to drop Lavazza Group as a sponsor and give its full support to their player Mohamed El-Neny West Ham United Arab language group @WestHamUtdAr Group too came under the cosh for saying on their comment

“Oh God, grant them victory over the oppressive people. Palestine was and will remain a land and home for the Palestinians alone,” and “Nasrallah is coming, even after a while, the Hammers are behind you,”

Then West Ham deleted the tweet by the Arab Language group

The intervention of legendry musician Roger Waters shows that Leicester City (foxes) footballers Wesley Fofana & Hamza Choudhury enjoy a more understanding attitude at a more community based club where Muslim players feel better able to express their feelings as well as their football skills.

We are immensely proud of our footballers who “take a knee” against racism and these footballers who have publicly demonstrated their opposition to. We also respect & honour all the Palestinian men, women and especially the children who have endured an entire life under brutal Apartheid

I coin an historic Irish phrase, They think they have provided against everything, but the fools, the fools the fools, they have left us our Fedayeen dead, and while holds these graves. Palestine unfree shall never be at peace.

We call on the Professional Football Association (PFA) , The Football Association (The FA), UEFA and FIFA to consider a motion to expel Apartheid Israel as it expelled Apartheid SA on 16 July 1976.

Football Against Apartheid