Wales, Please don’t play with apartheid.

9 years ago faa 3

The Football Association of Wales has a duty to those it says it represents – the people of Wales to consult them on probably the most important incident of mass genocide since WW2 when Apartheid Israel killed 538 wholly innocent children whilst they slept in their beds in 7 weeks in  July / August 2014.

Football Against Apartheid believes that if allowed to choose or even a chance to express their preference that the Welsh Nation would be more proud of its football team if it refused to play with apartheid.     Such would be an historical moment of global importance, for which generations of people world wide would be be forever grateful to the good people of Wales.

Apartheid South Africa came nowhere even close to the massacre of 538 innocents in Gaza,   with its Sharpville massacre closest when 69 people were murdered by that apartheid regime.   The ordinary working people of the world was rightfully horrified.    But British Sir Stanley Rous will be forever known for his notoriety by playing the “Suspension Card”  when the anti apartheid movement campaigned to EXPEL apartheid South Africa.   But the ruling classes in Britain continued to support apartheid, until sporting bodies commenced its undoing, and it was Football which finally Expelled Apartheid South Africa from FIFA in 1976, that heralded the end of Apartheid South Africa.

Please sign this petition and share with as many friends as possible,  calling on The Football Association of Wales Not to Play With Apartheid :

The Football Association of Wales has a duty as one of the four associations that make up the International Football Association Board, with responsibility  for the Laws of the Game.