Resolution agreed at the AGM of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign on 18 Jan 2017

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This AGM recognises the excellent work being done by Football Against Apartheid (FAA) to bring new layers of people into the BDS campaign, not only in England but in several countries in across Europe, South America, & Africa and support (1) their call to FIFA to not treat apartheid Israel more favourably than Apartheid SA which FIFA expelled from its ranks on 16 July 1976 by 78 votes to 9.  (2) their call to the FA to (a) refuse to host Apartheid Israel and refuse to play in Israel in accordance with its anti-racism policies (b) to write to UEFA & FIFA to express the growing feeling of football players, administrators and fans who do not want to play with apartheid, but tied by by contract in the case of players, and by punitive action against clubs whose fans demonstrate their objections to the extreme racism of Apartheid.

We support the  FAA condemnation of UEFA for (1) accepting membership of Apartheid Israel whilst Israel was and remains expelled from its own Asian Football Confederation in 1974 for reasons of racism & (2) forcing football clubs in England and across Europe through pain of sanction to host representative clubs of the Apartheid State  (3) taking punitive action (fines) against clubs whose fans peaceful demonstrate the hypocrisy of UEFA who not only fail to adhere to its own FARE policy on racism – but instead rewarding the extreme racism of the apartheid, with access to the financially lucrative competitions in European Football.

To enable FAA to reach out to more football fans this AGM of the PSC agrees to include publicity material about FAA events, and urge PSC branches, regions to invite its speakers to put the case for the equal treatment of Apartheid Israel with Apartheid South Africa