Palestinian Football Association Motion to FIFA Congress 2015 in Zurich

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Although Jibril Rajoub, Chair of the Palestinian Football Association has said that the following motion is calling only for SUSPENSION of the apartheid state supported Israeli Football Association he adds that this is already a concession as he believes that Apartheid Israel should be EXCLUDED.  He also stated the obvious,  that the Palestinian Football Association is under enormous pressure.



The FIFA Congress decide to suspend the Israel Football Association (IFA) from FIFA until:

1.1)  The Israel Football Association, or Israeli authorities, submit written guarantees to FIFA  that it will respect the FIFA statutes by recognizing that the Palestine Football Association is the sole governing body responsible for organizing and supervising football in all of its forms in the territory of Palestine (Article 10-1 of the FIFA Statutes). This warrants that all football activities organized on Palestinian territories by clubs, players and officials affiliated to the Palestine FA can be developed unhindered.

1.2)  The following clubs are banned from playing football in competitions organized by the IFA because they are located in the internationally-recognized territory of Palestine and because they participate in these competitions without the FIFA authorization defined as per Article 84 of the same FIFA statutes (as mentioned in the PFA letter to FIFA dated 30 November 2014).

  • Hapo’el Bika’at H’Yarden 2nd tier South A league
  • Beitar Ironei Ma’ale Adumim 2nd tier South B league
  • Beitar Giva’at Ze’iv Shvi 2nd tier South B League
  • Beitar Ironei Ariel 5th tier Sharon league
  • Alitzur Ironei Yehuda 5th tier south league

1.3)  The Israel FA shall fully recognize that the Palestine FA is entitled to enjoy the following rights without any restriction or intervention from the Israeli occupation or any other third party

(i)  The right of movement of football people and goods into, out of, and within Palestine including East Jerusalem.

(ii) The right of the PFA to develop football infrastructure and facilities in the territory of Palestine including East Jerusalem.

(iii)  The right to import and export sport goods in and out of Palestine.

1.4)  The Israel FA shall uphold its obligation to FIFA in taking a stance against discrimination and racism (Article 3 of the FIFA statutes) by taking serious measures against racism and human rights violations within its area of jurisdiction.

After this guarantee will be given to FIFA, a reliable and robust monitoring system would be established by FIFA to ensure the full implementation of these rights based on a memorandum of understanding which will be signed by FIFA, the PFA, the IFA, and witnessed by the AFC and the UEFA.

WHEREAS and finally, the PFA reaffirms solemnly and officially that:

(i)     Its only goal is to obtain for the Palestinian football community the same rights defined by the FIFA Statutes and enjoyed by the all other MAs,

(ii)   The security considerations cannot constitute the alibi for arbitrary decisions taken without any justification,

(iii) the PFA fully recognizes the authority of the IFA on its football and look forward to mutual recognition in line with the FIFA Statutes,

PFA 19 March 2015