Jewish & Irish workers spearheaded the Battle of Cable Street 80 years ago, to deliver a blow to British Fascism from which it never recovered.

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cable-street-muralThe Mural of the Battle of Cable street 04 October 1936 when mainly Jewish & Irish workers stopped the Fascists in their tracks – No Passaran

Jewish & Irish members of Football Against Apartheid joined the 80th anniversary The Battle of Cable Street which took place on Sunday 4 October 1936 in the East End of London.

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The Metropolitan Police, tried to protect the planned march by Sir Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists and violently attacked the anti-fascist mainly Jewish rag trade workers ,Irish dock workers, and supported by trade unionists, communists, socialists, anarchists, Labour party members, and the men women and children of the neighbourhood

Over 300.000 anti-Fascist workers and residents stood their ground and stopped the Police from clearing them from the streets to make way for the Blackshirts lead by Sir Oswald Mosley.

The defeat of Fascism in Britain ensured that Britain would not later join the Fascist alliance quest for world hegemony, which might have been the case had the British Fascists not been defeated and humiliated at Cable Street.

Yesterday, Sunday 9 October thousands marched through the streets  of East London to the place where Fascists were the brutal Met Police using cavalry charges failed to make way for the fascists who were subsequently defeated 80 years ago, and never recovered.
Max Levitas, an Irish Jew and still a member of the Communist Party addressed the assembled campaigners


Jeremy Corbyn’s mother who was at the original event in 1936 was present to hear her son make another great speech that will win even more workers to his Labour party which has grown under his leadership to be the biggest political  party in Europe.

USA the main imperial power of our time is itching to take advantage of its hegemony to tighten its grip on the vast natural resources of our planet, much as the greed of the major imperial powers brought death and destruction to much of humanity 100 years ago, and imperial wars are looming again, as the crisis of capital forces massive multi-national corporations into desperate measures in pursuit of profits for greedy shareholders.   And as 100 years ago such wars present great opportunities for the workers of the world to confront its own ruling class and unite with the workers of all countries to create a world of peace and prosperity for all of humanity.

Maybe Jeremy Corbyn has created the spark in a world of darkness,  that will one day ignite the fuse to create such a world controlled by the creator of all things – the workers who make everything