I’m Jewish, and I want people to boycott Israel

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  The country must be held accountable for its human rights abuses. By Rebecca Vilkomerson June 24 at 9:34 AM Rebecca Vilkomerson is the executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace.   In 2009, I was living in Tel Aviv during Operation Cast Lead. During that offensive, Israel killed about 1,400 Palestinians in Gaza. When small Read More

Definitions of Zionism – what it means to Palestinians

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What Zionism has meant for Palestinians                                           April 29, 2016 Photo from the Palestinian ‘Nakba’ in 1948 An analysis  by Ben White    @benabyad     April 29, 2016 at 12:51 pm “If there are other inhabitants there, they must be transferred to some other place. We must take over the land. We have a greater and nobler Read More

Expel Apartheid Israel from the United Nations

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“Expel Israel from the UN” UK activists’ clarion call to civil societies around the world Sixteen months after Football Against Apartheid called on FIFA to expel apartheid Israel from FIFA,  campaigners called on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) to support their call to expel Apartheid Israel from the United Nations. By Stuart Littlewood At least Read More

FIFA must EXPEL apartheid Israel at 2015 Congress – a letter to delegates

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Breaking news: Is Blatter bending the FIFA to prevent sanctions against Israel less than a year after Israel  massacred 547 Innocent children sleeping in their beds, whilst it EXPELLED Zimbabwe from FIFA  because it owed $60,000 to its former coach?   One rule for………. On 16 July 1976 millions of the black majority and ethnic groups Read More